Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ani Lasike

Where are you from?
I’m from Santos in the coast of São Paulo, Brazil but my family moved to Sacramento, CA 12 years ago so I did my Junior and Senior year of High school here in the US.

How many siblings do you have?
I only have one younger brother.

What is your favorite movie?
I love chick flicks like the notebook, walk to remember, pride and prejudice

Do you play any instruments? Sing?
I have no musical talent whatsoever, even when I sing while driving I get made fun of. I don’t know what a tune is but I guess I can’t sing in it.

How long have you been married?
Paul and I got married last December 28th, so it’s been around 10 months.

Do you have any kids?
No kids yet, the first one is on the way. I’m due April 4, 2014 and it's a little boy.

What is your favorite part of living in Provo/Orem?
I’m honestly not a fan of living in UT. It gets too cold for me and it’s far from family. But I have to say I love how the people are so friendly and generous here.

Do/did you go to school? What degree(s) do you have?
I went to UVU for a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education then moved back to California for a Master’s in Bilingual and Multicultural Education.

What is your favorite thing to do with your girlfriends?
My girlfriends and I love to schedule workouts together and instead end up going out to eat. It happens all the time. We like to go out dancing and watching movies too.

What is your favorite food?
I am a foodie and love to eat good things. My favorite is sushi and seafood. But being Brazilian I can’t resist my Brazilian food too. I make Paul take me to Tucano’s once a month so I can get my comfort food in. =)

What are you most and least looking forward to about football season?
I’m looking forward watching my hubby play more this year. I don’t understand football at all so I go to games to watch him in tight pants. Also I hear the bowl games can be really fun. I'm super excited to go to San Fran cause it's close to my family and that where Paul and I had our first date.
I’m definitely not looking forward to the nights he spends away and all the travel and time it takes.
What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Well, this is embarrassing but I have lost my skirt I the middle of BYU campus many years ago after a stake conference. I was wearing a silk skirt and a penny hose underneath and I never felt it slide down until I heard my roommate yelling my name and I look back at all the boys closing their eyes. My philosophy is to try and make it natural so it’s not too awkward. So I pulled my skirt back up and mentioned that in Brazil that’s the latest fashion statement. Lol
(it was still awkward though)

If you could live anywhere where would it be?
I love the ocean, so I guess anywhere by the ocean would make me happy. We have many options since Paul is from New Zealand, his family is living in Australia, my family is in California and we could also end up in Brazil. I would be okay with any of those.

What is your favorite article of clothing?
I love to feel comfortable, but I honestly don’t have a favorite. I am a shopaholic and just have way too much clothes to have only one favorite. My favorite is usually the newest item I guess.

How did you and your husband meet?
Paul and I met in California. He was there visiting his family and I was hosting a BBQ pool party for the YSA ward and he showed up at my house. (an hour before the party started) so I soon put him to sweep up my backyard cause I wasn’t ready yet. He fell in love immediately with my bossy self. =) then he was REALLY shy and wouldn’t talk to me much at my party but he got my number from my friend and was texting me later that night. Not so shy when he’s texting but every time we met up he wouldn’t even look at me. I thought he was a player. He’s a few years younger than me and didn’t even live in Cali. So that was sure trouble…but then he extended his vacation for 3 more weeks just because of me and I couldn’t resist his young boy charms. I’m the real cougar in this story. =)
What position does your husband play?
Paul is a running back/ full back.  #33- He’s still learning football. He was brought to the U.S. (BYU) for Rugby and the football coaches liked his athleticism and now he plays football too.

Do you love football? Did that love come before or after your met your husband?
I never watched a single football game before I met Paul. I honeslty hated football which is a scary thing to  bluntly say here since most the wives seem to be very much into football. I know nothing about it, I think it’s too long and it’s just not my thing…like I said before I watched for my husband in tight pants =). I see him with the ball I cheer for him. That’s as far as my knowledge goes. Because Paul is also learning football he tries to teach me at home on the Ipad so he can show me some plays and I know how to look for him on the field. So I guess I learned a little bit about Running backs…everything else is a big question mark for me.

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